You are not your audience!

To pay for photography or video production services without knowing who you are targeting is absolute madness, a waste of time and money.

The trouble is that many companies confuse themselves with their audience on a fundamental level.  They're rarely the same thing.  Hardly ever in fact.

How can a content creator possibly succeed in connecting with a paying client audience if you don't tell them accurately who they are targeting?

If you haven't figured out your target audience, or audiences (there can be several) yet, I can help you with that.  With a decade of content production experience for retailers for large organisations I understand how to both create content for, and generate, customer profiles.  Another term for them is avatars.

I am available for half day and full day audience construction workshops with your team.  Your knowledge of your products and/or services and mine of audiences and content production can pull together a customer profile.

Human View Media Ltd